i2i Cafe
'Complete Identity Branding'

EDM llc designed a complete identity branding for the cafe. This started with a simple logo with the fonts color and color selection carfeully selected to match the clients desired setting mood. Then came the interior design of the cafe along with the packaging for the coffee cups, napkins, coffee bean packaging and more.

i2i Cafe is a startup coffee shop chain that is opening in Osaka Japan in the year 2019. They combine a late 60's retro brazillian color tone with a vast selection of coffee blends. The company aims to make a freindly place, where people can feel comfortable and at home yet be placed in a surreal artistic atmosphere. They needed a branded identity that had a warm relaxinging seventies atmosphere, with intellectual appeal and the colors of coffee.

We have developed a great working relationship with them and are in the works of currently producing the cafes packaging designs.

i2i Endless Coffee Beans