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As a way to effectively interest a consumer, but not over stimulate, I can use many different non-Flash based techniques. These will add spice to the pages, without losing the effects on a smart phone or tablet.
Every image and effect will be done in high DPI resolution. Therefore displaying will be clear and crisp on all hi resolution displays and monitors. Say goodbye to fuzz and grain on the retina displays.
In modern times there is a need for organic design. People are looking for a quick simple way to bring themselves closer to nature. By combining technology, nature and warmth people can relate to a product or design.
Customer response to organic design has been amazing. Recently, people have reacted to the idea of organic design, in the same manner that people have been reacting to organic foods over the past few years.
EDM is a creative LLC based in NYC & Osaka Japan. Our collective skills cover brand identity, graphic design, illustration and web design. At the soul of each project lies clear and effective artistic communication.
We have worked very hard to maintain a reputation that our clients trust. Due to people coming to us by word of mouth, we are confident that you will be satisfied by selecting us for your project.