Dakota Electric Science
'Complete Corporate Branding'

Dakot Electric animated Gif

EDM llc designed a complete branding concept for the letterhead, logo, business cards, signage and all you see here.

Dakota Electric Science is an electronic startup that was formed in November 2016 in NYC. They make technology kits for young teenagers that are fun, easy-to-use, and infinitely creative. The kits are interchangeable in millions of different ways to empower kids to invent anything - from a sibling alarm to a wireless remote robot, to a digital instrument. They needed a branded identity that has a strong affinity for bright colors. The design was aimed to appeal to children as well as their 'intellectual parents'. The work consisted of full branding with letterheads, business cards, cargo truck logos, signage for trade shows and more.

We have developed a great working relationship with them and are in continuous movement with the companies growth and business.

Dakota Electric iphone application design
Dakota Electric letterhead design
Dakota Electric letterhead design on a clipboard
Dakota Electric buisness card design
Dakota Electric sign post design
Dakota Electric cargo truck graphic design